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How To Add Product Options To Your Products

How To Add Product Options/Variants

Product options lets you customize what details the customer sees when checking out a product. On the product page, the “Available Options” section is displayed under the price. The option for that product must be selected before the customer can add the product to the shopping cart unless set to not required.

To create a new product option you need to go to “Option” under catalog. Select the plus icon on the top right to add new.

For our scenario we will create the option “Color”

A. Enter the option name

B. Option type: How and what type of option is shown to your customer. Types of options supported on Prufal are:

  1. Choose
  2. Input
  3. File
  4. Date

Choose: Your customer clicks on an available option. Types of choose options are:

  1. Select: clicks a single option from a drop down menu
  2. Radio: clicks a single option with an image
  3. Checkbox: can click multiple options with a check box

Input: Customer can input information. Types of input options are:

  1. Text: customer inputs single line text
  2. Textbox: customer inputs multiple text in a text area

File: customer uploads a file (Restrictions apply, purged from time to time and subject to be reviewed).

Date: customer inputs a date. Types of date options are:

  1. Date: customer selects a date
  2. Time: customer selects a time
  3. Date and Time: customer selects a date and time

For our scenario we will create the option “Color” with the option value “Blue” and option type “Select”.

C. Option Value Name: These are variants for your options for example: blue, red, black, size 10. Select the plus + icon to add additional product options and save. If your option value has an image you can add them by selecting image, images only show on “radio” type options.

Adding Product options To Your Products

To assign product options to your product, go to catalog > Products add a new product or edit an existing with the pencil icon, then options tab.

To assign:

1.Type your option name or select from the pre showed

2. Select your option name, if you want product options to be optional select “No” for required. Then select:

  1. The option value (we chose blue)
  2. Quantity(optional): If your option has a stock amount
  3. Subtract Stock(optional): subtracts from product main stock in data tab
  4. Price(optional): If your product option has an additional cost. If the cost of the option is More, select the + icon from the drop down and input the added amount, for example if the product price is $10 and the option “blue” is $5 more input 5 the customer will see the product price increase to $15 when they select “blue”. If the cost of the option is Less, select the – icon from the drop down and input the difference, for example the product price remains $10 and the option “blue” is $5 less. Input 5 in the product option price, the will customer will see the product price decrease to $5 if the option “Blue” is selected.
  5. Weight(optional): Same as the above price, enter the added amount if the weight increases which is 5 which will result in 15lbs(product weight + option weight). If option weight decreases enter the difference which in our scenario is 5, which will result in 5lbs(product weight – option weight).

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