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How To Fulfill Orders On Prufal

How To Fulfill Orders, Order History, Pack And Ship

If you’ve gotten your first order congrats!. Prufal recommends fulfilling orders in 5 calendar days so that you can provide timely delivery for your customers.

If an order is marked with the status “Pending, Failed, Chargeback, Reversal, Fraud, Expired, Denied, Cancel Reversal, Fraud Review” or paid via bank transfer should not be shipped until marked with the status “Processing, or Processed” by Prufal. Otherwise continue to fulfill your orders.

Pre Alert Order

If you’re delivering your order to your customer with a courier service you need to pre-alert Prufal to let us know the tracking information for that order so we can share it with the customer.

To fulfill orders firstly pre alert Prufal of your shipment by providing the courier name and the tracking number. You can pre alert an order by going to your members dashboard and select “ Pre Alert Order”.

To learn how to pre alert orders visit here https://prufal.medium.com/how-to-pre-alert-orders-on-prufal-9d3dc4a087ce

Update Customer Order History

From your Merchant Dashboard, go to “My Orders” tabs, select the order to be fulfilled.

Set The Order Status and Order History Comment

The allowed order statuses for merchants are: Shipped In-Transit, Processing, Processed, Complete Delivered, Canceled.

Shipped In-Transit: Product has been dispatched and in transit to its destination.

Processing: Handling and packaging order.

Processed: Processing complete.

Complete Delivered: Courier confirmed delivery to its destination.

Canceled:  You have canceled the order. You must notify Prufal to initiate a refund to the the customer. Go to Refunds and select the type “Cancel Order”.

How to Update Order Status

When you have booked your delivery with your courier service and pre alerted your order, set the order status to Shipped In-Transit. You can also add comments about the order. You can multiple order histories on a single order.

If you have confirmation the order is delivered, set the order status to Complete Delivered

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